Projects and experience

Having graduated with a 1st class degree in Film production, I have vast experience and knowledge of cameras, lighting and storytelling. I have worked with many crews on many different film projects and have a small catalogue of videography work alongside the short films.

I offer high quality videography for any clients looking for promotional content, natural documentary or music content.

Fast Filming

This is a project where I focused on the many ways to film subjects moving at speed. The short project consists of different types of cameras and different mounting techniques.

The Dance show

This was a dance show for the University of Gloucestershires Dance school. I documented the performance from discreet unobtrusive places to benefit the audience.

A Welshman's Walk

A short film shot in the lockdown of 2020 exploring the tranquility of nature.

Looking for a videographer?

Going for Gold (2019)

Greatfellas commercial (2021)

The Distance Between (2020)

Kitty Jay (2021)

Going for Gold (2019)

Greatfellas commercial (2021)

The Distance Between (2020)

Kitty Jay (2021)

Going for Gold


Role - Sound Designer/mixer/recordist

A dog-umentary following the relationship between Tyla and Luna.



Role - 2nd Assistant Camera/Clapper/Loader

A 30 second commercial shot entirely on film. I had the pleasure of loading film and working with an Arriflex SR3. Entered into the Kodak Colour Competition.

The Distance Between


Role - Sound Designer/mixer

'A man goes through a surreal emotional journey with his younger self, packing up his childhood ambition. An exploration into the idea of living up to expectations'.

Kitty Jay


Role - Sound Designer/mixer

Set in the 1800's, we follow a young farmhand. Kitty, a naive and optimistic labouring class woman, must face the harsh society she inhabits when she falls pregnant out of wedlock, leading her to make a heart wrenching decision.

Short films

Tea Party (2018) - Runner

3 Days (2019) - Gaffer

Dear Eric (2019) - Spark

Effect Upon Man (2019) - Sound Recordist

There Was A Green Light (2019) -Sound Assistant/Runner

Erchin (2019) - Sound Recordist

Latchkey Girl (2020) - Director of Photography

The Distance Between (2020) - Sound Designer/Mixer

Greatfellas (2021) - 2nd Assistant Camera/Clapper/Loader

Kitty Jay (2021) - Sound Designer/Mixer