About Me

I like to think of myself as an outgoing bundle of energy and a source of positivity. I'm always told I am a fun person to be around and am very personable. Its always nice to hear and I love to strive to make others happy. We should always make the most of every moment as it could be the one moment. This motivation has led me to naturally be very outgoing and adventurous.

From extreme sports to watching movies I enjoy all of my hobbies. I have always been captivated by photography and film, which in turn led me to graduate with a 1st class degree in film production. Throughout my five year total of studying the creative arts, I have built up a vast well of knowledge; From working on many film projects and travelling with amazing photographers.

The main attitude I have towards life is to have fun. Whatever you chose to do with me, thats one thing that is guaranteed!

Climbing with my university club as club captain!

Hiking my way up Snowdon and many more.

Filming a project for Deft

Climbing at Cheddar Gorge